ahoy there

i know the bare minimum of coding so if/when something breaks i'm not surprised

welcome to my lil corner of the internet, if you poke around you'll be finding my inane ramblings about stuff i like and my headworld shenanigans (maybe). i'll also be keeping lil pages dedicated to my rewrites of Dragon Ball and DC since those are fun.

to do:

  • finish comic shrine
  • add shrines for favorite DC characters
  • add a shrine for The Iron Giant
  • figure out grids god DAMN dude
  • make a site map page i guess LOL

Cat Ipsum. All of a sudden go crazy hopped up on goofballs intrigued by the shower lick butt missing until dinner time or need to chase tail stand in front of the computer screen sun bathe sweet beast use lap as chair. Attack feet burrow under covers climb leg give attitude hate dog leave hair everywhere missing until dinner time sleep on keyboard stand in front of the computer screen stick butt in face sweet beast throwup on your pillow use lap as chair.